20 pull-ups, 30 burpees and 5 Reps of Namasté

Last night after teaching a yoga class at the studio, two student came to me to ask some questions about some of the things we had been working with during the class. We ended up talking balance poses and I guided them through the technique needed for the scorpion pose to make sense. That led the conversation to talking about muscles and muscle strength in general and after telling them about something that happened to me at the gym when I was lifting weights, one of them asked me: “Are you allowed to lift weights when you practice yoga? I mean, I thought those two where like the complete opposites.” The two guys had for a long time wanted to combine the two, yoga and weight lifting, and had wondered about if that would be “okay”. I ensured them that of cause it was okay, and that they might even find that what they learned at the yoga studio could be beneficial when they were at the fitness center, and vice versa. This whole thing then got me thinking.

If we say that yoga is a way of life and the practice we do at the studio is asanas. Then when we practice with an intention of being present and acceptant towards what we experience getting a better understanding of the connection between the mind, the body, the breach etc. we then practice yoga through our asanas. So what is the difference between asanas and weight lifting? If you ask me, I would say that there doesn’t have to be any, as long as you bring the same awareness and acceptance to your lifts as you bring to the yoga mat you are still practicing yoga. I then remembered something my teacher Mari said to me, “The main thing that makes asanas differ from classic gymnastics is the mindset you apply to it.” And this ensured me that I didn’t fill my two curious students with bull.

Just wanted to share this thought and experience before heading back to the gym.

20 pull-ups, 30 burpees and 5 Reps of Namasté – Nicolai


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