The death is not the end?

Death is the only certain event in life-or is it?

My grandfather took a little time ago his last breath and past away.  He was very much loved and had a long life with all its ups and downs. He had been ill for a while and I thought I was prepared for him dying. Well I was not, and reality hit me- every body will die and also the bodies that I care for, and also my body. But does the whole of you die? Raised as a christian I have believed in heaven since I was a tiny child. I know that my grandfather did as well. At the funeral the priest said ( among many other brilliant things) “He is now in a place where death does not exist” (The priest spoke Icelandic but I translated it for you :)). I found comfort in this and was totally sure that he was in heaven where everything is peachy and pastel-coloured. A little later I doubted and wondered: is the idea of heaven merely a binky soothing our fear of dying?

Well I don´t know (cause I´m just a child), but I choose to believe in heaven.

Eben Alexander is sure that he has been in heaven, and therefore I need to read his book very soon. It´s titled “Proof of heaven: A Neurosurgeon´s Journey into the Afterlife”, and here is a link if you want to check out the review :  Review on Eben Alexander´s Proof of Heaven

At last-  as a huge Nick Cave fan I recommend this tune : The death is not the end.

Namasté Brandís


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