Stress: enemy-frenemy-friend-BFF?

Once I was stressed. I didn´t know what it was back then ( and I studied medicin- thank God I dropped out) but I was sure that it was some kind of muscular dystrophic disease because my muscles ticked (involuntarily) and it freaked me out. Furthermore I couldn´t sleep or concentrate and so on…If you´ve been there you know the drill. The peculiar thing about this is that I didn´t practice yoga back then, but I was renting my  room from a yoga couple and they had a yoga studio 10 meters from my door. Anyways I dropped out, moved closer to friends and family and gave hot yoga a try. All those creepy symptoms disappeared and I was all peachy 🙂 The reason for me sharing this little “life experience” is that I stumbled across this TED talk about stress. I think it´s brilliant and I want you to listen to this. Basically this woman who is a health psychologist describes an alternative way of viewing stress – instead of treating ones stress reaction as the enemy, treat it as a friend supporting you through tough situations. There are so many eye opening facts in this TED talk, so instead of me giving a resumé I think you should give it a go, watch and listen.

By the way: stress and I will never be BFF´s, but I hope our relationship will change 🙂 Brandis



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