Meet yourself in the mirror – and make it a date.

We met with our BRILLIANT photographer yesterday, Mayel Barro Negro, for a quick meeting about future shoots, and amongst other things we touched the subject how to be natural in front of a camera. Normally neither I or Nico (or so he says) feel very comfortable in front of a cam but Mayel knows exactly how to spread the comfy atmosphere. Mayel told us that she often experience people thinking that they´re ugly and having a disbelief in her being able of capturing a beautiful pic of them (because they´re not seeing any beauty in themselves) – of course they all end up pleasantly surprised. She furthermore explained how children love  being photographed and in that sense the contrast between working with children and adults. And we wondered – how and when and why does this transition appear?

Anyway, it got me thinking about this poem named “Meet yourself in the mirror” by Ashley Wylde. I find her sayings inspiring  and I  love it- maybe you will to?




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