3 positives a day makes depression go away


As a reminder to stay positive, even in stressful times, my boyfriend has come up with this idea that we should write down three things every day that has made the biggest positive effect on us. We will try to do it for a longer period of time to see if it has any effect and hopefully we will have an easier time staying positive, or at least get better at focusing on the positive things in our life.

Martin E. P. Seligman (Founding father of positive psychology) explains this exercise like this:

Every night for the next week, set aside ten minutes before you go to sleep. Write down three things that went well today and why they went well. You may use a journal or your computer to write about the events, but it is important that you have a physical record of what you wrote. The three things need not be earthshaking in importance (“My husband picked up my favorite ice cream for dessert on the way home from work today”), but they can be important (“My sister just gave birth to a healthy baby boy”).

Next to each positive event, answer the question “Why did this happen?” For example, if you wrote that your husband picked up ice cream, write “because my husband is really thoughtful sometimes” or “because I remembered to call him from work and remind him to stop by the grocery store.” Or if you wrote, “My sister just gave birth to a healthy baby boy,” you might pick as the cause … “She did everything right during her pregnancy.”

Writing about why the positive events in your life happened may seem awkward at first, but please stick with it for one week. It will get easier.

According to Seligman after half a year you will feel a clear difference so it’s worth trying it out for some time  I’d say – Maybe you should try in out for size as well and see if it makes a difference for you. Who knows at least I am quite sure that it won’t hurt.

My list of todays positives:

1. Had a great workout at the gym – because I “remembered” to listen to my body and accept that i am dealing with a minor injury at the moment that I shouldn’t just push myself through.

2. Went to an introduction meeting about my fall semester exchange in Beppu Japan – I am going to Japan i think that is answer to the why. weeeeeeeeee

3.  Not sure about number three cause I am planing to save the world from hunger and pain before I go to bed. But if I don’t succeed to save the world tonight I would say that I am happy that my Boyfriend wouldn’t let my out of bed this morning, he just hugged me close for a few minutes giving me the best start of the day. – Why? you’d say –  because I am quite lovable 😉

Have a great and positive day – Nicolai


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